Doctoral School: Information and Biomedical Technologies Polish Academy of Sciences (TIB PAN)

  • Institute of Computer Science PAS s a member of the consortium of institutes running the Doctoral School: Information and Biomedical Technologies Polish Academy of Sciences (TIB PAN). TIB PAN Doctoral School is an interdisciplinary educational institution which prepares to independently conduct scientific research in the domain of technical sciences, including:

    • computer science,
    • biomedical engineering,
    • medical sciences,

    including artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and computational sciences in biology and medicine.

    TIB PAN Doctoral School is cofunded and run by:

    Participants of the Doctoral School are awarded a monthly scholarship (3500 PLN gross).

    • 15.05.2023 - recruitment for the academic year 2023/24 start on 15 June 2023. Deadline for submission - 28 June 2023
      See "recruitment"
  • Please note!
    Contacting supervisor of a chosen project and obtaining his preliminary consent is a must for IPI PAN applicants before submission of a formal application.

    The following topics are proposed as potential PhD theses subjects to be pursued at IPI PAN branch of the Doctoral School TIB PAN:

    1. Discovery of the source of gene expression variation in cell populations – analysis of the associations between epigenetic signals and the three-dimensional structure of chromatin (Michał Dąbrowski) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Interaction Information and its usage in Genome Wide Interaction Studies (Jan Mielniczuk) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Learning to rank for uplift modeling and heterogeneous treatment effect estimation (Szymon Jaroszewicz) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Model Checking Parametric Timed Strategic Abilities (Wojciech Penczek i Laure Petrucci (LIPN, CNRS)) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Towards Semantic Measures of Information Content - Integrating LinkGraph with Semistructured Textual Information (Mieczysław Kłopotek) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Variational approach to learning from incomplete data (Jan Mielniczuk) - opis projektu (en) ;
    1. Verification of Socio-Technical Models of Multi-Agent Systems and E-Voting Protocols (Wojciech Jamroga i Wojciech Penczek) - opis projektu (en) ;

    A complete list of proposed research topics at all institutues forming the Doctoral School TIB PAN please see the TIB PAN web page {External link open new window}.

  • Important dates: 15-28 June 2023 – submission of the required documents

      • Start of recruitment for the academic year 2023/24: 15 June 2023; submission of the required documents: 15-28 June 2023; interviews with candidates: 29-07 July 2023; announcement of the recruitment results: 12 July 2023.
    • Required documents:
      1. Application for admission to the Doctoral School, indicating the selected subject area and the supervisor (MS Word  | PDF ),
      2. Cover letter containing the justification for the selection of the indicated subject area
      3. Completed personal questionnaire (PDF  | MS Word ),
      4. Curriculum vitae and two photos; the curriculum vitae should describe the candidate's education
      5. The copy of a graduate diploma or information about the planned date of defense of the master's thesis confirmed by the university
    • Additional documents:
      • List of scientific publications of which the candidate is the author or co-author,
      • Letters of recommendation,
      • Other documents confirming scientific achievements, participation in scientific projects and conferences, diplomas, obtained patents, research internships, etc..
    • Submission of documents (electronic and paper versions apply):
      • By post to the following address: IPPT PAN, ul. Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warszawa, with a note (Doctoral School TIB PAN),
      • By e-mail:,
      • To the Secretariat of the Doctoral School of TIB PAN, ul. Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warszawa, Secretariat of the Doctoral School of TIB PAN, room 28.

    CAUTION! Persons who submitted all the required documents and were admitted to the second stage of the recruitment will be invited for an interview. The date of the interview will be sent together with the information about the positive evaluation of the documents. In the event of incomplete documentation, the candidate will be asked to complete it within a prescribed period. IPI PAN reserves the right to select a certain number of presented topics to be implemented as part of the Doctoral School of TIB PAN.

  • Main web page of the Doctoral School:

    Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS
    ul. Pawińskiego 5b
    02-106 Warszawa
    tel: +48 22 826 65 08

    Local institution:
    Institute of Computer Science PAS (Instytut Podstaw Informatyki PAN)
    ul. Jana Kazimierza 5
    01-248 Warszawa
    e-mail: tib_pan at ipipan dot waw dot pl

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