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[Vol. 1: 1992 - Vol. 16: 2007]

A quarterly journal published by:
Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences

There is a mirror site of the journal at: http://www.ippt.gov.pl/~zkulpa/MGV/MGV.html.

Abstracted/indexed in:
ACM Computing Reviews,
ACM Guide to Computing Literature,
COMPENDEX (Engineering Information),
INSPEC Information Services,
PASCAL, SCOPUS (Elsevier),
VINITI Abstracts Journal (Referativnyi Zhurnal)
International Directory of Design (Penrose-Press)

Aims and scope
Call for Papers: Special issue on Image Databases [NEW]
Instruction for authors [UPDATED]

Contents of published issues [UPDATED]
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Editorial Board
Editorial Office
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Aims and scope

Machine GRAPHICS & VISION (MGV) is a refereed international journal, published quarterly, providing a scientific exchange forum and an authoritative source of information in the field of, in general, pictorial information exchange between computers and their environment, including applications of visual and graphical computer systems.

The journal concentrates on theoretical and computational models underlying computer generated, analysed, or otherwise processed imagery, in particular:

The journal publishes: --) Instruction for authors

Contents of published issues

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Special Issues:

Editorial Board

See letter from the Publisher.

Juliusz L. Kulikowski (Warsaw, Poland)

Past Editor and Founder:
Wojciech Mokrzycki (Warsaw, Poland)

Executive Editors:
L. Chmielewski (Warsaw, Poland)
M. Klopotek (Warsaw, Poland)
J. Koronacki (Warsaw, Poland)
Z. Kulpa (Warsaw, Poland)

Advisory Board:
S. Ablameyko (Minsk, Belarus)
T. Agui (Yokohama, Japan)
E. Bengtsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
P. Bhattacharya (Princeton, USA)
D. Chetverikov (Budapest, Hungary)
R. Choras (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
T. Czachorski (Gliwice, Poland)
H. Emptoz (Villeurbanne, France)
M. Flasinski (Cracow, Poland)
A. Gagalowicz (LeChesnay, France)
D. Gillies (London, U.K.)
H. Goettler (Mainz, Germany)
E. Grabska (Cracow, Poland)
A. Hillion (Brest, France)
V. Hlavac (Prague, Czech Republic)
Z. Hrytskiv (Lviv, Ukraine)
A. Kasinski (Poznan, Poland)
P. Kiciak (Warsaw, Poland)
R. Klette (Auckland, New Zealand)
I. Kolingerova (Plzen, Czech Republic)
V. Krasnoproshin (Minsk, Belarus)
J. Kulikowski (Warsaw, Poland)
A. Leonardis (Ljubliana, Slovenia)
W. Malina (Gdansk, Poland)
A. Materka (Lodz, Poland)
K. Myszkowski (Germany)
H. Nagahashi (Tokyo, Japan)
M. Nieniewski (Warsaw, Poland)
T. Oksala (Helsinki, Finland)
P. Pachowicz (Fairfax, VA, USA)
R. Palenichka (Lviv, Ukraine)
H. Palus (Gliwice, Poland)
J. Pamula (Cracow, Poland)
W. Pieczynski (Evry, France)
J.-G. Postaire (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)
J. Punys (Kaunas, Lithuania)
I. Serba (Brno, Czech Republic)
G. Sommer (Kiel, Germany)
K. Stapor (Gliwice, Poland)
C. Stepien (Warsaw, Poland)
M. Szyszkowicz (Ottawa, Canada)
A. Sluzek (Nanyang, Singapore)
R. Tadeusiewicz (Cracow, Poland)
V.S. Titov (Kursk, Russia)
K. Tombre (Villers-les-Nancy, France)
V. Valev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
D. Velichova (Bratislava, Slovakia)
K. Wojciechowski (Gliwice, Poland)
W. Zamojski (Wroclaw, Poland)

Editorial Office

Editorial Office, MGV
Institute of Computer Science
ul. Ordona 21
01-237 Warszawa, Poland


Subscription and past issues

Annual rate: $180

Orders from abroad:

Ars Polona JSC
Foreign Trade Enterprise
ul. Obroncow 25
03-933 Warszawa, Poland

VAT Registration No.: PL 5251700016.

Orders from Poland:

Library and Publication Center
Institute of Computer Science
ul. Ordona 21
01-237 Warszawa, Poland


Past issues: A limited number of copies of some past issues of the journal are available for sale. For availability, prices, etc. ask by fax or e-mail as above, according to your location.

Payment: by cheque or bank draft.
You will be invoiced after the order.

A sample copy of the journal will be sent upon request.

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