VIDE Project Summary

The UML-compliant action language VIDE is to be researched, developed, evaluated and disseminated during the project. It will enable fully visual prototyping, programming, debugging and documenting of future applications. With VIDE, the application logic will be specified within UML (Executable-UML approach) eliminating the semantic gaps between UML and 3GL/4GL languages, making the applications fully platform-independent and hence surpassing most current approaches to OMG’s MDA both in research and industry. VIDE follows the path of model-driven programming increasingly making 3GL/4GL code a read-only artifact and raising the level of abstraction (similarly to what 3GL languages once did to assembly languages). In contrast to today’s focus of MDA development on real-time systems, VIDE will be developed primarily with data-intense business applications in mind. However, the majority of its constructs are domain neutral.

The VIDE approach will provide a fully visual toolset to be used both by IT-specialists and individuals with little or no IT-experience, such as specific domain experts, users and testers. This will support their common efforts in the faster development of more reliable systems of the future. The innovative user-friendly code editor of VIDE enabling both visual and textual coding of PIMs will increase the reliability of systems by limiting the number of possible bugs already at the coding stage. As a part of the VIDE project the OCL 2.0 standard is implemented as a query language addressing object-oriented databases.

The VIDE project will research the areas of visual user interfaces, executable model programming, action- and query-language-semantics, AOP and quality assurance on the platform-independent level, service oriented architecture (especially Web services and integration) and business process modelling. Finally, a functionally complete prototype of the VIDE system will be implemented, validated and evaluated. The project will be open source with the exception of the adaptation of commercial solutions of (mostly SME) consortium members.

VIDE lasts from July 1, 2006 till December 31, 2008.


VIDE Participant List





Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Project Coordinator






IESE Fraunhofer


FIRST Fraunhofer


Institute for Information Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence


Bournemouth University

Great Britain

TNM Software GmbH


Rodan Systems S.A.