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dr hab. Łukasz Dębowski

Some free linguistic Perl scripts

This page provides a couple of tiny toy programs which emerged during my work and which I consider ready for publishing in some form. They are all connected with (computational/quantitative) linguistics. Not all of them are 100% serious but you may find them useful anyway. All files are free (e.g. available accordingly to the GNU General Public License). I have not attached the licenses verbatim since I believe that de minimis non curat lex.

The scripts can be divided into two groups:
Phonetic transcription and computational poetry:

Visualization and extraction of frequency matrices from corpora:

You need Perl and Bash interpreters on your computer to use the scripts. If you are a Linux user, you have them by default. If you use MS Windows then try installing Active Perl and GNU BASH for Windows. Once you have installed them, you may call the Perl scripts in a Bash window as described on my subpages. You can run Perl scripts in an MS-DOS Window if you don't install Bash. In such case, however, you have to write "perl" in front of the script name and you must not use pipe operators >, |, or <. (The latter means that you need to reprogram my scripts slightly since they use these operators.)

Have fun! (Comments welcome)

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