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The Eleventh International Symposium on 

Intelligent Information Systems 

June 3-6, 2002, Sopot, Poland

e-mail: <iis@ipipan.waw.pl>


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The 21st century is to become an age of a rapid growth in the flow of electronically encoded information generated daily by industrial measurement systems, weather and other satelites, telecommunication systems, trade in hypermarkets, stock markets etc., scientists publishing their results, bisuness organizations publishing local and general macroeconomic indicators, marketing organizations widespreading their advertisements, creators of diverse Web pages, people sending e-mails.

While early information systems were predominantly oriented towards collecting more and more information, nowadays it becomes more and more important to extract the information we need from the information already collected. The wealth of data available requires much intelligence to get control over the growth of important information. Tools for both for more targetted collection of information and for speedy and accurate digesting is required.

Anticipating this development, already in 1992 the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) has been organizing annual international workshops and symposia on intelligent information systems. Starting as an event for scientists only, the conference series evolved towards presentations of practical applications, including mechanical diagnosis in heavy industry installations and aeroplanes, decision support in choice of material and technology in the house building industry, natural language understanding in phone services of banking systems etc. However never forgetting about fundamental research as a sound basis of the applied studies.

The conferece rooms hosted not only researchers from the university and industry, but also representitives of business and politics who sought new impulses for their activities.


The current symposium covers theoretical foundations, feasibility studies, comparative studies and practical applications of intelligent information systems, and includes but it not limited to:

We invite those who would like to present their newest results in theoretical and applied research, carry out demonstrations of prototypical and full-fledged commercial and non-commercial software.

We would like to invite also people from industry, business and public services interested in getting insight into newest developments in the dynamically growing area of intelligent information systems.



Selected papers from those accepted for presentation have appeared in a volume of the book series: "Advances in Soft Computing" published by the Springer-Verlag group (Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg and New York). For information on ordering Proceedings volume see the Springer Web site

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How to Contact Us

Those interested in participating in the symposium are encouraged to ask any questions writing to:
Maciej Michalewicz, IIS 2002
Instytut Podstaw Informatyki PAN
ul. Ordona 21
01--237 Warszawa
tel.: (++48-22) 8362841
fax: (++48-22) 8376564
email: iis@ipipan.waw.pl 
The symposium Web page is http://www.ipipan.waw.pl/~iis

 Papers should be submitted electronically to iis@ipipan.waw.pl

Program Committee


The conference will take place in Sopot, in the Holiday Center WDW , 81-772 Sopot, ul. Kilinskiego 12, phone ++48 (058) 551 06 85, e-mail: recepcja@wdw.sopot.pl. The Holiday Center lies a hundred meters away from the sea coast (the Gdank Bay of the Baltic Sea).
Sopot lies within the Gdank-Sopot-Gdynia Metropolitan Area. Gdansk possesses a domestic and international airport and an international harbor. Many international bus lines connect Gdansk with most big European cities. You can reach Sopot also flying to Warsaw and then going by rail (every hour an express train to Sopot starts from Warsaw).
Milions of people visit the Gdank-Sopot-Gdynia Metropolitan Area each year to see antique buildings of Gdansk, navy musems of Gdynia, the famous molo of Sopot, or just to rest on the endless beaches, sea-coast restaurants and cafes in hot summer. The excellent network of City Trains (an overground "underground") allows the visitos to make sighgseeing tours of their own.

A Brief History of IIS

Previous scientific meetings in this series (proceedings published by IPI PAN):

Photo Galery

Click here to see some photos from the IIS'2002 conference in Sopot.

See also the archival information on the previous IIS 2001Symposium.

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